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Memorial necklaces


If you have lost someone dear to you and would like to commission some remembrance / memorial jewellery incorporating special momentos belonging to that person,  either for yourself , or as a special  gift for someone else,  please contact us to discuss this.


  • Brooches, religious medals, beads, trinkets, buttons, lockets can all be incorporated into the necklacee.
  • Medals or lockets can be engraved with special words (we can take care of that at this end)
  • Strands of hair can be woven into the necklace or clippings of hair can be inserted into lockets.

As each precious life is personal to the one who lived it, every necklaces tells it's own unique story.

Together we will look through your precious momentos and discuss what we can create from them. If you live at a distance, please don't worry. With  the benefits of modern technology in the form of telephone,  email and digital photography. it is now perfectly possible to create a necklace at a distance

If you would like to read more about how this works in practice, you can read about Darcie's necklace on my testimonial page.
Darcie is a six year old girl who recently  lost her mother to cancer. Her mothers friends in France  commissioned a necklace, via email,  as something for Darcie to remember her mother  by.

For further reading : userfiles/file/Make Jewellery article(3).pdf


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